Keypad Equals Sign

Now tool tips tells me Renoise sets pattern loop to be the numeric keypad equals sign as standard. Thing is I can’t remember ever having a numeric keypad with an equals sign key on it. Neither my laptop nor any of the four different models of keyboard here in my office, all of which have the numeric pad, have an equals sign associated with them. That’s what the Enter key was always used for, and we all know that has its own use in Renoise.

Is a fairly typical, although quite oldschool, numeric pad.

The keypad equals sign is present only on Mac keyboard. This topic has been discussed before, I wonder why the default keybinding hasn’t been changed yet.

That explains it, I rarely use a Mac except maybe my housemates MBP if it’s sat in the living room. No biggy as it’s easy to assign my own keys. Just gotta figure out what I would like for everything…

wow, freaky! but in a good way.