Keyzone Layer Automation

Last night I made a several instruments: 1 with 50 bass samples, another with 100 hats and 2 more for kicks and snares.

I started messing with the keyzone layer spanning sizes, and I really want to automate this.
So last night I started researching the area in the API and the TestXXX.luas for working with this stuff.

Today I found all the info, and I’m wondering if anyone can think of usage ideas.

I think I want to use an OSC loopback for this as it will be super easy to add the 4 functions for this into the GlobalOscActions.lua file,
and also very adept at handling large tables of samples being automated in different ways.

what do you think?

You can go a lot of ways with the keyzones, overlapping even, so what kind of use could one think of including overlaps?
combining sounds etc?