Keyzones: Highlight keyzones as they play (?)

um yeah another one, sorry…

Sample keyzones -> “auto-select played” … suggested improvement of the concept :walkman: When dealing with complex, multi-layered instruments, it would be really awesome if i could see which “sample keyzones” are being played - either by the song data, or directly by keyboard input. Maybe there could be a visual “highlight” mode different from the actual selected keyzone, to reflect which keyzone(s) is/are being played?

I’d make a “mockup” screenshot to explain this better, but just a still image wouldn’t be much help…

so yeah, i was meaning something like this:

what i meant is, for each note being played - as shown by the keyboard at the bottom, in mustard yellow ^_^ which of the 9 velocity layers above, in the keyzones field, is/are being played??

/* EDIT */ That blurring in the keyzone names is normal, since most of them are 2 keyzones overlapping …hence the -6dB you can see in the sample properties :D

Whoooo… fine… great song, I like this song and sound of piano. where did you find this piano instrument ? This is a vst grabber? , />

see you,