Kick And Bassline Trick

My first tutorial on the forums and I’m dutch, so please don’t mind my grammar :)

What you will need:

  • VST: GTune for tuning the loop point
  • Sample: A kick with enough sustain/room for a loop point
  • Brain


  • Load a kick, and find a loop point you like (*)
  • Load GTune and start adjusting the instrument transpose or finetune
    to get the note you are hitting (**)
  • Adjust instrument pitch envelope to get more punch,
    this might depend on the note you are playing
  • Adjust instrument volume envelope for sidechain or gate effect


Example file

Example details:

  • Instrument 00 is the original kick sample
  • Instrument 01 is me trying to find a good loop point
  • Instrument 02 is me finding a nice loop point
  • Instrument 03 is the same as 02 but using pitch and volume envelopes

(*) Use the loop fine editor to create seamless loops
(**) If you hit C, use GTune to tune your loop point to C ;)


I’ve moved the example from 4shared to dropbox, should be instant download now.

This sounds interesting. I’d like to see the demo file.

Instead of using whatever site you chose, which looks weird and scary, why not just attach the file to your post?


Thanks for the reply.

I’ve moved the example to dropbox.
It should be an instant download now.

Cool technique. Didn’t know about GTune. Neat stuff.


GTune is super useful! I use it very regularly, especially when dealing with songs that use old tracker samples that are off concert pitch and need correcting.

I did this trick for a song a while back (see: and I made use of the glissando pattern effect code to bend the bass note part to different pitches. This has the advantage of retaining the set pitch of the kick-attack.

Good old dnb and dub-techno technique that never fails. <3
You can use this to tune it instead of a VST: Sample Tuning Calculator (2.8)