Kick That Bass - Xplosion :)

im not much into trance though, but as a trance track i quite like it

Thanks :)

2000 ton giant moving on the moon. heavy stuff. hakkuh!
time slowed down during the hardest part. hehe.

there’s this small “nipp” sound ibetween the kicks though.
that really was drawing my attention in the hard part.

else it was bringing back good memories from the late 90’s

personal thing: i felt it was missing mabe 3 to 4 bpms more.

beautiful stuff. great sounding synths.

song starts to loose my attention around 2:30 … i think this middle section could have been shortened up considerably. also the transition back into the last part around 3:25 is kinda abrupt.

awesome synths on the last part of the song though … this is what trance is all about!!!

you continue to inspire me, man!