Kickass Wifi Router With Some Special Features

Check out this bad boy:…amp;modelmenu=1

5 port router (wired + wi-fi) with a built in 160gb hard drive with the ability to independantly run torrents and FTP. Now you can leech torrents and your neighbour’s bandwidth when your machine ain’t even turned on! :P

thats nice :)

i imagine you would use a web interface to control downloads?
heh i guess it even enables you to log in an dl things while your away!

i would really like to have one of these for samples, ive been wanting to setup a box for soemthing just like that, this would be much easier!

kinda wonder if they will make a multiple hd version, so could have a few terra’s. jeez i need more space!

Yeah it uses a HTTP interface.…amp;modelmenu=1

Another cool thing about it is that it has USB 2.0 for additional storage.

Hmmmm I’m moving and need to buy a new wifi router. :dribble:
It’s pretty but has a pretty price too. :unsure: It sure would be fun to play with. :D