Kidwolfman - New Crazy Jungle Track

First song on the player - NRFAK

good shit!

Been listening to your myspace and stuff all day. Really great work!


I enjoyed listening to all your tracks.

I have a question, if I may - what synths are you generally using for the melodies, say in ‘awww’?

(hope that was ok for my first post)


Wow really nice amen in that track… sounds really hard and good

thanks everybody :)

for “awww” i’m pretty sure i used a vsti called “Imposcar” into some fft processing in Bidule. That’s the only track I ever used it in but it’s great. Lately I’ve been making all my own synths in Reaktor and using them as vst’s. It’s great because you can bring them into Renoise and render the sounds into samples if you want.

I’m sure you would like my new breakcore track (even if I don’t sound as pro as you in my compo)

you can download it in my topic, which is rather close to your in the renoise song forum:

uhhh yeah dude this is sick! nice mix too!

hey kidwolfman,

thanks for you reply. I gave everything on your website pretty much two listens. you have a wonderful knack with your synth melodies that i really struggle with. If there is any other processing that you do please do give us some hints, if not, thanks for the info and the good music.