Kimberley Bianca & Cly/suva - Stepping Stones

Some collaboration project I did with performance artist and poet Kimberley Bianca. The tune is actually based on a track I submitted to the Renoise Knockout Tournament round. I lost that round. Still bit upset about it, cause I think the track absolutely rules. At least there is no shame in losing to Chotoro who is a great composer.

Anyway, all kinds of comments are welcome. :)


that’s a near perfect thing we’ve got there. nothing to say to improve your mix and music, I could not do it better myself. I really like the high pads in the background mixed with the massive beats.

and between this high contrast, kimberly generally brings with her a complete artistic experience (visuals, and transcendental music). she expresses herself with clarity, and a unique elegant way.

what’s cool with your music, is that it is so massive, so powerfull, that it should have driven kimberly to a point where she finally sings a chorus, a true melodic line.

especially at the end. you see what I mean : singers often do it, they start with spoken words then they end with all the jam and sing sing sing.

too bad, she’s not singing, in the end.

you know what, suva, after 1:59, she could sing a chorus, she has the voice for it. Did you talk with her about it ? It could be a great moment ! Please, suva, you have to convince kimberly… (and if she refuses, threaten her, say something terrible for example, that you’ll pass her voice through a combination of melodyne & autotune / tpain effect I don’t know…).

You could say that the “nearly singing” is intentional, a device for keeping the psychological tension up. Sort of like teasing. I see it worked really well on you. :)

Also thanks for the kind words, it’s highly appreciated! :)

quality :]

her voice feels familiar somehow!.. nice to hear something a bit different! mix sounds great to my ears