"kinda" extract vst as xrni?

Hi you all,
I think there’s already a better solution somewhere to solve my issue in the most productive way, but no solutions for me by now.
I have bought a license to use some vsts in cloud, but it is linked only to my desktop pc: in order to use them to my laptop I have to buy another (expensive) license and my laptop must be connected the whole time I must use them. Issue: I am already paying for a license, I cannot afford another license and my laptop can’t be forever connected online. I really understand this concern some license aspects, but I’m a honest user and I hope I’m not touching unappropriate arguments.

How could I extract/convert/automatially-record some vst instruments and have them as xrni instruments in order to avoid my issue and use them into my laptop when I need them? I don’t need the entire track, I need the single notes with only some dynamics. Is there a plugin somewhere that automatically plays and extracts single notes with some dynamics and makes them an xrni?

Thank you for your time, hope this is a constructive and useful question, wishing a near solution. :})

Would this suffice?




Literally built in.

But when doing this all modulations etc are set in stone.

You can also sample sections of the song, although you say you don’t need that now, just noting it here.

radian and joule, it seems exactly what I needed. I’ll update this post if some issues rise or to give my experience.