Here are 15 tracks of uplifting dubstep, lolicore, drum’n’bass, and breakcore. Surely there’s something for everyone… And, if not, please tell me what I need to work on to make my music accessible and memorable.

Kikaruu - Kinesthesiology

Kinesthesiology on Last.FM – Fully streamable and downloadable

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Quite liked this. Wasn’t quite sure whether to file with my Breaks (including Dubstep etc) stuff or with the more Electronica stuff. Think I went with Breaks in the end.

Didn’t like the ear-piercing noise through much of Scissors but I guess that is what gave it its name and was intentional. Think I remember one of the other tracks having a bit of rogue top-end but can’t remember which one off hand.

Overall quite an enjoyable album though.

Thank you very much. Your criticism only makes my experience harder! ahem Thanks, though. I needed that.

Was it “Wake in 20XX”? The phaser is quite strong in that one, and in hindsight, I could’ve toned down the 5kHz+ range…