Kizzume Inspired Agression

it’s like fast minimal “ugly” pop.
that you can listen to -> here!

sorry for the double post. :

I like this. Its a good mashup of sounds and styles.
I dont know how much time you spent on this or if you plan to spend more, but the arrangement itself is kinda on/off now, some automation would do the whole song good.
and for the mixing, that thing sounds really full, except the hihats and other sounds are abit too dim. or maybe thats my ears after 5 hours big club last night, dunno.

this song i did in 30-50 minutes. was just a melody and some
automatic parts that came following it… i will not complete a track
that sounds this simmilar to so many other works out there.
when im listening to it again i get a feeling its based on
dune - million miles from home
or something strange like that.

the good o’l days imprinted in my mind for ever.

then send it to me and I will do something with it when I have time next week. I really like it and I think it has potential.

why not :)

i think its mainly uses Steinberg Neon & Roboline for vst synth sounds.
ill try to fix it tonight.

Good song. The intro is kind-of long–but the song really has some great potential. It doesn’t sound too similar to anything I’ve heard, but I haven’t heard the song you referenced before…

ahoy. i really like this. reminds me of some kind of melodic jungle at first actually. really like the melody of the synths in the intro.