Kjaerhus Spectra

Spectra by Kjaerhus Audio - Release January 3, 2006

Spectra is a synthesizer plug-in which combines multistage additive synthesis with traditional subtractive synthesis giving you strong sound possibilities ranging from classic synthesizer sounds to re-synthesized instrument sounds and sound morphing. It features a 250 partial additive engine with up to 8 detune-able oscillators per Voice. Up to 100 harmonies can be made on a timeline for re-synthesis and harmony morphing. An audio analyzer is available to convert wave files into harmonies. The subtractive part includes 12 analog modeled filters with resonance, two of those to self-oscillation. Two LFOs are available for tremolo, vibrato and filter modulations. Five flexible multipoint envelopes with looping and time-stretch capabilities are available to control amplitude, filter cut-off, pitch and modulation level for each of the two LFOs. The effect section features Chorus / Flanger, Delay, Phaser and Reverb. A two bank preset system is available for easy program handling; you can for instance browse through one bank and easily save your favorite sounds to the other bank. There is no latency, which makes this the ideal instrument for real time performance in the studio or on stage.

Key Features

Multistage additive and subtractive synthesis
250 partials additive engine
8 detune-able oscillators per voice
Harmony morphing with looping and time-stretch
Analog modeled filters
Polyphonic portamento
Audio Analyzer
2 LFOs with 12 waveforms, sync and sample / hold
5 multipoint envelopes with looping and time-stretch
Waveform presets
Full pedal implementation
Midi Modulation
Midi Learn
Parameter Automation (VST)
256 Voices
Chorus / Flanger, Delay, Phaser and Reverb effects
Sample accurate processing
2 banks preset system for easy program handling
MIDI range filtering
Zero Latency


Kjaerhus Audio is very respectable company.
Their plugs sounds perfect. And viola! They creating synth !
So i can’t wait to check this new beauty!

Downloading Trial version…
Anybody already played with it ?

Yeah, I played around a little in it but I’m not sure what to write about it. I use some of Kjaerhus’s Classic-plugs a lot so I like them, but it takes a lot more to make me happy when it comes to vst-instruments. Original sounds, good usability etc. One thing I noticed was that it used quite some cpus when changing instruments. Nah, I’m not even going to try to review it. Try it for yourself and see if it fits you. :slight_smile:

hm, my epreience so far is rather good.

In my opinion it is the fisrt additive synth which has an easy to use interface, I´ve seen nothing comparerable so far (see Vertigo, Whitenoise audio …, cube,
camelaudio,…) and it didntcost much cpu ion my sasytem. I didnt see an other additive synth which is handy like that.

Ok Spectra is pretty nice…
But currently i prefer LinPlug’s Octopus!
It’s fresh monsta-synth. Much more powerfull beast…

different synthrange - as far as I can see - octopus is not using additive synthesis.