Kontakt 4 And Presets

Hi, I’m trying to use Reaktor 4 with renoise. It works fairly ok, until I need to save this thing. Only ensemble presets show up in the programs list, but as these do not properly configure the instrument they don’t really do anything useful. The weird thing is that the automation shows the correct knobs and everything, but they aren’t saved.

I’m fairly sure that this is some internal thingie with the complex way reaktor works. Can anyone shed any light on what I could do to make sure the settings are saved along with the song?

Kontakt 4? From Native Instruments? I thought there were Kontakt 1 & 2 only.

Sorry, I meant Reaktor 4. How could I not notice that.

edit: NI and their k’s

Reaktor VST has always sucked big times.

R3 VST was nearly unuseable.

R4 VST has become better since 4.1.5, so I suggest you to check your internal version.

Upgrading seems to have fixed most issues. Some synths are dead upon loading, but kicking them (ie. turning on or off, regulating a random knob etc) fixes it. Thanks a lot : D