Kontakt 4, Sampletank Or Hardware Module?


I’m going to buy some equipment or software this month and I have hard time deciding what to choose (it is even more difficult becouse I already own a Renoise licence, heheh). At the moment I’m using Windows 7 and Archlinux for audio but I’m consistently moving to Linux setup. I would prefer to buy hardware but after checking how many sounds I can get with software samplers I started thinking.

Hardware module I was thinking about is Motif ES rack. I can get it for 2000 PLN (~736.73$). At the same time Kontakt 4 costs 1600 PLN (~589.38$) and Sampletank 1300 PLN (~478.8745$). AFAIK hardware modules work flawlessly with linux (since it’s just a midi and audio connection, no third party software involved). After very quick research Kontakt 4 seems to work good with wine (http://www.native-instruments.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81994). I don’t know how Sampletank behaves. Also I’m doing more indepth search for Kontakt compability with wine.

So, what would you suggest? Hardware module that works great with any midi supported system, kontakt 4 with 43 gb sound library or sampletank with 6.3 gb library? Do you have experiance with those samplers in Linux?

Thanks in advance!

Ow, could moderator edit topic name? I meant Sampletank not samplitude. thanks!

sorry cant give you any recommend., but maybe this post can help.