Korg Bank Mapping Issue

I started using Renoise with my hardware workstation which is a Korg TR-61. I had been assigning each MIDI channel an instrument and when the song is done I had to save a song on the workstation AND on Renoise. When I want to play a song I had to load the song on the workstation to get all the right sounds and also on Renoise to get the actual song data to play through MIDI. Well I wanted to start using the Bank and Program change feature to control the sounds so I dont need to load a song on the workstation. There are two things, the first is not a big deal: on renoise the banks are labels as numbers. Korg banks are Letters (A-D and GM). The second is an actual problem. when selecting my drum kit Bank D Program 100 I have to select Bank 4 and Program 101 because Korg uses Program 000. So in order to select A000, B000,C000 and D000 I would have to select the bank and then program 0, but in Renoise this causes the Program selection to be OFF. So in a perfect world I would like to be able to input letters into the Bank selection and the “zero = off” business taken care of. Thanks, this is easily the best program for sequencing.

There are some problems when using arbitrary bank selection methods yes.
It might be resolvable with a Lua script and sending the MIDI data, using the MIDI structure, but that is pretty cumbersome if you have to pull this off from the ground.
I have seen a link to the generic Midi message format description site posted by taktik a couple of times, but i can’t seem to locate it currently.
Perhaps someone who reads this has the topic beneath his fingertips.