Korg Nano Kontrol - Tweak Dsp'S Effects?


I want to assign specific dsp effects like cutoff , resonance, panning and volume to different buttons, using the nano kontrol.

Is this possible, and is this the ideal solution for this price range? (Btw - ZAR = 10 EUR, and $7)

Please let me know if you think this would work, and i am heading in the right direction with his equipment.

nano kontrol


it supports midi CC so yes, you can map those sort of things.
in renoise 2.5 you can pretty much map everything else aswell.

It works without a problem, I have a nano-control that I take with me when I go by train for long periods of time (plus I use it to DJ). So, yeah, I can recommend this neat little piece of plastic.

Thanks Lads , appreciate the feedback.

IS there any good reason to get the nano-pads - i had a look at them in the store yesterday, but it doesnt seem like they would be particularly useful in Renoise?

Gonna go pick up a kontrol today!

thanks again.

I got the whole nano series… the kontrol is probably the best out the lot for what they are… eg it does its job the best…

However i find i use the keys the most…

the pads are good for doing live drums etc


I went and got it today - worked like a dream - right out of the box. I was tweaking and cutting within seconds with the worlds best midi mapping; i.e. renoise.

It does seem tho - that if i accidentally move a slider - it starts adding CO commands into volume and crazy stuff into effects column - can i turn this off / turn the slider off / be more careful? :ph34r:

Looking forward to your easy one-step fixes!

yeah make sure the record arm button is off (eg no red line around the pattern editor)

yeah the nanoKontrol is ace. the nanoPad, i personally think is shit, i sent one back for repair because the build quality is poor, the pads wouldn’t register properly… haven’t bothered to open the replacement, i’m more likely to sell it.

I find the NanoKontrol to be a very handy device…