Korg Nanocontrol & Mmc

hi there,

i own a korg nanokontrol and am worried about controlling renoise with it.

everything works, but not the MMC Controls for Play, Stop.

i didn’t get it to work.

i tried adding it as midi clock slave and enabling the small button next to the bpm box.

when i press PLAY as MMC, it really starts to play, but only for one time. i can’t stop it or press play again on my nanocontrol.
i have to restart renoise, then it works again for one buttonpress.

when i press play with the mouse button, then the MMC Stop works for one time, too… but after that i have to restart renoise, because
i can’t use MMC anymore.

i use renoise 1.91

does anyone know a thing how to make it work ? i saw nanonoise, but it’s only the source code and i wasn’t able to compile it, and really don’t want to get in all those .c files really… just want to press play and stop on nanokontrol via mmc command.

does renoise 2.0 support it like it should ? is it 1.91 or is it nanokontrol, is it an mmc error in renoise… i don’t know, has anyone got a solution for now ?

i can only press a MMC key ONE time in renoise, then have to restart renoise to make it work again for ONE time.

This should work just fine with Renoise 2.5, without having to specify it as MIDI clock slave and without enabling the sync button.
Whats the reason that you are using such an old Renoise version?

hi there, that’s the problem.

i once bought renoise with a friend.

still have this version.

updating to 2.5 costs 48 euro again (you get a new one for 58 euro).

i think the costs for updating are a little too high compared to a new version (and its not 58 euro as stated, but 69 euro for people in germany because of tax and vat).

back then i thought updates are included, and now… theres 50 euro more for an update to a working mmc version…

i know there is lots of new stuff in there, but i really only need this mmc command.

i used trackers since 1994, modedit, screamtracker, fasttracker, they never cost anything… and i dont see why i should pay 50 euro for an update (and i only need a workig mmc version). sorry.

thats why i dont buy the update… maybe you guys at renoise dont get the point because “there is so much” to pay the 50 euro for.

but i aint got that much money right now and dont need “so much more” right now.

i only need wokring mcc.

hope that answers your question.


ok, so it’s alwaysw a 1.0 update cycle…

thanks. i’ll talk to my friend… we bought it about 7 or 8 years ago i think, maybe only 5 or 6 years.

nonetheless, updating to a “working” mmc command feature, when that feature was already available in a version with updates we registered to, shouldn’t be 48 euro.

70 euro for a good tracking software with vst is not that much today, but back then people who did fasttracker did it for free, for the competition and released updates for free, and look after their features and made them working in a few months, not year later when you have to pay again.

makes me think not very good about the renoise company.

i’m sorry to say that, guess renoise is not the company i thought it would be.

You’re kidding right?

5 to 8 years of free upgrades for 60 euro is awesome.

There have been hundreds of new features since the last time you downloaded Renoise. Just login to the backstage and download the version you are eligible for.

If you don’t want to pay, use the FREE DEMO VERSION. It works just fine. You can install it along side your old version and run both.

And for the record, Fast Tracker wasn’t free. It was shareware. You just neglected to pay. And the project died. Same as all the others you mentioned…

fasttracker was not shareware.

you could pay them something for supporting them, but it was never shareware.

it was free to use with no restrictions.

i even supported them, because i wanted to.

i paid more to renoise.

i dont want to fight now… i just have a different view of all this…

art should be free, as the tools to make them. you dont need a whole company to code something like renoise.

i coded myself back then and did it all for free to support the scene (bbs systems, dos tools, software synths for dos, even a sequencer for dos with pitch changing wav files for doing beats (before modedit was out), you could only record one track at a time and then put them together through a recording mixer.

so we dont have to discuss anything…

renoise is a more modern capitalist company compared to the scene guys from fasttracker back then.

one time a sceen group released the dmf tracker, we even got it for free, because they supported US to do music with it for the scene.

for me, it’s just about the mmc command thing, not “1000 more features since then”, i already made this clear.

releasing a mmc and midi capable version (even if it is 1.9) that doesn’t work and then making a 2.5 (how many years is that ??) that has a finally working mmc feature and wanting some more 70 euro for it… thats the point where i stop argueing.

i really liked renoise, because it was a port for modern windows systems with asio and vst and so on, and thats why i decided to pay for it,
but i won’t support that anymore.

time to give “working” mmc features (removed bugs) back to registered users…

i have my opinion and i’m sorry if you can’t see it my way.

2 more thing i want to add:

  • fast tracker didn’t die because of no support from the users… users paid them a lot, but they split and didn’t have the time to code anymore, and after a long time they released an update, but after this they said, sorry, we don’t have the time for doing any more updates, we’re sorry… thanks for the money.

  • best thing is, you’re an alpha tester, really want to know how much you paid them for beeing able to use it for free ;)



@x-ray: you obviously hold Renoise “the company” in high regard. You are asking too much of the developers though, by insisting that some bug that was fixed in a release should be applied to a previous version. Even the biggest names in software with lots of resources doesn’t do this, it would be an absolute nightmare to maintain.

And I’m afraid that statements like “you dont need a whole company to code something like renoise” really just serves to illustrate your ignorance. Renoise is a lot more than some lines of code, it’s the whole community backing the software, the (un-paid) team members writing documentation, maintaining the web site, promoting the software etc.

You are of course entitled to your opinion, but if you cannot see things from a different perspective, that’s just too bad.

Well, i can ofcourse understand you desire a copy of 1.91 that only has bugs squashed which also have been resolved in 2,5. I understand your viewpoint very well.
I had the same feeling for Camtasia Studio, i purchased 2.x and not very soon after the purchase, 3.0 got released.
Techsmith was fair enough to make me eligable for that update because i did not even enjoyed one update yet. But after 3.0, i believe 3.1.2 was the last update and then suddenly 4.0 came out and i had to reregister to get a version that contained a very few crucial bugfixes.
Their answer to my negotiation was that they usually don’t even allow updates between 2.x to 3.x without purchasing an upgrade but i should be glad that they have an at least one-version minimum update policy. All this happened within a period of one year.
And that piece of software costs 300 euro.
Now, when someone has to pay that rate of price, you expect updates to be negotiable, but as you see, it ain’t.

So why should it be negotiable when the original product costed you and your friend 40 USD and you had 7 to 8 years of fun with it?
That’s about less than 6 USD a year. If you registered 1.27, you can download 2.0 and 2.1 without having to reregister.
If you registered 1.5 you can download 2.5 without reregistering. If you have to upgrade to 2.5, you are eligable to download updates including 3.5.
If you upgrade multiple times, you can download up to 2.5 + x times purchased updates.
Updating now only brings in more benefits, if you update more times you save yourself the price raises coming in the future.
You could have updated during beta time, you would then have payed the old update price which was lower than 48 euro’s.

Fasttracker two had a life-span of about what 4 or 6 years? I had my first version in 1994 and i believe somewhere around 1999 it was all over.
You actually are not putting the programmers or FT2 in a better daylight and you are frankly crumbling your own foundations of your debate that you have up here with this remark.

All alpha testers are alpha tester for a reason, because they contain a background that is necessary for testing results.
You don’t buy yourself into the alpha testing team.

All with all, i have some understanding for your reasoning, yet your reasoning is very weak and founded very weakly.
Considering Renoise is one of the cheapest commercial music production tools around compared to most stuff around and the fact that it is still alive and fully developed (not another dead-end-thanks-for-the-money project). You can follow Conner’s advise, it’s the best compromise you can be offered if you don’t want to pull your wallet at all, though the choice remains on your side.

Quite possibly they did ;)

first of all, thanks for your understanding.

not for understanding me personally, but for beeing able to view the whole thing on a “scene” level.

you are sure right, too in your perspective, and i know that i can’t demand a “bugfix” from renoise company for the mmc command, i originally paid for. so be it.

microsoft is doing the same thing every day in a different way.

for me personally, i view things different and i would be totally ashamed to code an mmc feature that doesnt’ quite work.

i would never ever do a + 1.0 version that can handle it and wanting more than original the amount of money for that (and 100s of other features)… well maybe i’d do it for people who never bought renoise before.

but giving a free bugfix to people who already paid for a version including this feature, would be one of the normal things in “my” life as a developer.

and i always handled it that way.

i even actet like this for freeware products back then and tried to call software back that only worked on 95 % of the pcs out there in any way.

i sure can understand the renoise merchandising and that it’s the easiest eay to do and that it’s a usual way to release updates (especially when you can make money twice of people for a prdouct, and i say this because i have a total different perspective not because i think renooise is a bad company), and i wish we had other times now than capitalist 2010s somehow.

you can view all apps from two sides… for some you really need money as a developer for using libraries, patents, etc…

for other things there are free libraries, open source things, and people helping each other to do a very good product together.

it’s not of much sense talking about old times now here in an official renoise forum and complaining about updates that cost money.

i just wanted to know how i can press start and stop as mmc command because the feature was integrated in the renoise version we bought back then and it didn’t work (could have been because i lacked a special mmc driver or something)…

the discussion about free bugfixes (i’m not talking about updates really) is not a good thing to discuss here, and it’s obvious that renoise is a still evolving programm with bugs to still fix and 100s (100s really ??) of new features, so it’s a usual way to do new versions every months…

and my viewpoint of things will not change anything.

still i believe that the only way for a registered user to get a working mmc version that he already paid for, is to pay another 70 euro, is not a very nice option for him.

i can understand this on a (more capitalist) company level, but not from my personal perspective.

let’s end this discussion.

best to all of you,