Korg Nanopad Question

Did a quick search and didn’t find anything, so…
I’ve had the three Korg nanos for a while, but never really used anything but the nanokey. I was fiddling around with the nanopad today, and I’d love it know if it’s possible to assign a different instrument to each pad. As it is, I can just play whatever instrument I have selected, each pad making a different note. Am I doing something wrong?

I believe you can only play current Instrument with MIDI in Renoise, full stop.

Guessing you are wanting the pads for drums. Try putting each drum sound in a different sample slot within the instrument and assign to different notes. This may do what you want.

Scripting/OSC I believe also gives some access to Instruments other than the one currently selected.

Just in case anyone might be still looking for it, here is a nanoPAD data file which maps the pads to Renoise default drumkit layout (C-4 and above):


Just load it through the Korg Kontrol Editor and play ;)

and also, if you have the nanokontrol as well, just set up one of the knobs with select instrument (range 1-16 should do) and then you don’t have to script :)