Korg Padkontrol?


I am about to buy a Korg PadKontrol

I am gagging to get some control surface MPC business running with Renoise…

I have a few questions before I fire off on the old credit card though…

  1. Has anyone got a PadKontrol working with Renoise? Any issues / complaints?
  1. Does anyone know if the pads are like the keys on a qwerty? I mean on a computer keyboard, I can HOLD DOWN the Z key to enter a load of sample with the Edit Step at a suitable number…

Can I do this with the PadKontrol?

  1. (almost a general question)… The TAB key is assigned to jump the cursor to the next track. This can obviously be changed… If I buy the PadKontrol, can I set a knob to make the cursor jump to the next track and a different one to jump back?

More importantly… Can I assign an action to a keyboard key AND a midi device movement?

i.e. I am quite schizophrenic when I work and if I have a midi input device (usb midi keyboard, pad etc) half the time I use the knobs on it and half the time I use the computer keyboard.

I want renoise to be able to recognise more than one shortcut for the same task basically. One being on the computer keyboard and another on the PadKontrol

Is this possible??