Korg Radius

just picked up a Korg Radius rack today, it was a killer deal so i had to grab it. so far it seems nice, i’m writing some great patches on it already. i have 5 days to return it for full refund if i choose to, and i just thought i would get your guys’ opinion.

ever used one? any praises? any complaints? should i keep it, should i give it back? what do you think?

You meant Radias right? I’ve tested the Korg R3 cheaper stripped down version of it and really liked the possibilities (vocoder/synthesis wise). Imo Korg hardly fails.

Let your ears and programming skills make the final judgement …I am not a korg man myself …but I’ve been drooling over the Z1 for a long time …one day it will sit in front of me …

I really want this synth.
I Now have the MS2000B and really used to the lay-out.
now you even can convert your ms2000/microkorg patches to the Radias and R3
so I’m waiting for a buyer for my MS2000B.

If it’s gone, I will buy a Radias instantly.

How much are you asking for it? I’ve wanted an MS2000 for sampling a while now…

ehm, you want to sample sounds of the MS2000B?
because it doesn’t have a sample feature onboard or something.

but here is my ad:


I said in a previous post that you can convert MS2000/microkorg presets to be used with the Radias.
This is not possible, YET. (on the Korg forums you can see they are working on it)
you CAN download the original MS2000/microkorg presets on the official site.

I have bought a Radias yesterday and really liked the time I spent with it so far, wicked synth!
and finally a good place for my computer keyboard on the plateau :lol:

I keep on updating myself. there is a program to convert your ms2000/microkorg patches.
it’s still an alpha release but it’s a a start, only vocoder presets cannot be converted.
you can find this program for windows and mac on the korgforums.

to go back to the original question, after tweaking a lot with the Radias:

I really loved the ms2000 so I got to love this one.
It sounds a bit more present, the filters are nicer, and really like the option to setup the drive of the distortion instead od an on/off button.
It’s really a great synth to work with. great overview, and the display makes editing even more easier than with the ms2000. And last but not least, finally more effects!

The only thing I had with it is while loading some patches the effects kick in a second later.
and I really loved to have a knob for every virtual patch. now you have just one together with a select button.

but this is definatly my synth, gosh, look at all those pretty lights B)

I’m sort of torn about the Radias. I have the R3, which is, as Jonas said, sort of a mini-Radias. Supposedly it’s the MMT stuff that makes it special, just another fancy word for it having oscillators with more fun waveforms than your typical square/triangle/saw/sine ones.

The R3 has essentially exactly the same vocoder as the Radias, which is to say it’s not particularly flexible. You can’t route bands, nor does it have specific facilities for emphasizing sibilance.

Thing is, it’s still virtual analog. And at the common price you might as well get a Nord Modular G2 and have the same if not better results.

My setup today in terms of actual “brand” synthesizers is an R3, a Nord Micro modular and a Modular G2. I think the R3 is fantastic value for money and has a really big sound for such a cheap keyboard. I originally picked it up for the vocoder but that bit is a novelty at best. I was instead pretty damn pleased with how monstrously you can drive it. It’s got gorgeous facilities for mangling sounds.

So yeah, having trouble seeing a good reason to get the Radias over the Modular, unless you’re not keen on spending a while patching and learning how your synth works. Which is legit by all means.

i agree. i took it back last week. just wasn’t good enough for what i was looking for.