Korg valves bypassed!

Many of the electribe things have pretty dodgy valves - yesterday I managed to bypass the valves totally, while leaving the effects unchanged.

But why bypassing?!?!?

With 20e to 50e you get pair of fucking AAA+ quality, balanced, ECC-83 tubes.

replacing easy ass hell

Don’t be fool, give your Electribe SX/MX sound warmth, fat richness at bottoms…

cheers, cAMEL

I understand your pov - I told the guy to buy new tubes but he wanted me to bypass them.

If it were mine I would have replaced the tubes!


well anyhow.
With good tubes you can use your electribe as preheater to anykind of sound source.
I have one friend and he is driving all his stuff thru the EMX eventhough he is not even using the EMX in general.
Gives good vibe.

I’m not sure if those are easy (or affordable!) to get, but it is indeed the better option.
Such gear was frankly designed to give you the warmth of the tubes and is a pure waste if you just bypass them.

they are e.g. Thomann.de

That’s cheap enough to make your own tube gear :D

After you bought the transformers and stuff you’ll most likely have spent more on it than buying a complete unit though. ;)

If you have to tune them with proper hardware components… after being busy for hours to get stuff properly to find out the next day, these print layout turns out shit and you are breaking your head for days over it until you figure out these tubes need to warm up before you can get some stable results :P

Hi Guys! Just chirping in here as it was my EMX that was modded (hi midi error - had no idea you were a Renoiser)!

Benefits of the mod far outweigh any perceived value of the tubes, IMO:

*The sound is now clean and detailed (just like the secondary outputs)!
*The unit runs much cooler (heat of the tubes has been attributed to the encoder skipping problems many people have).
*The horrible mains hum (amplified by the tubes) is vastly reduced!
*I now know that the sound coming from my Electribe is not going to degrade or change over the course of time or even a session (many have noticed at drop in high frequencies due to the tubes).

I tried changing the valves to some higher quality ones recommended on the Electribe forum many years ago, but I honestly didn’t hear the difference that everyone else claimed to hear. Bypassed, I can hear a huge difference.

Can highly recommend the mod to anyone who wants their Electribe to sound clean and crispy! Looking for an EMX to mod now!