Kowareta Hyoushi - Berufssprachen

アーティスト | Artist: Kowareta Hyoushi
タイトル | Title: Berufssprachen
向き | Style: Breakcore
タグ | Tag: #Breakcore #Kowareta #Brother #KitanoTakeshi #drumandbass #北野武
体長 | Length: 04min,04s
ダウンロード | Download: http://soundcloud.com/vojeet/kowareta-hyoushi

It is time to complete my soundcloud account and this time I have Kowareta Hyoushi up one’s sleeve. When all 6 (1 track weekly) tunes are on Soundcloud, I am going to release unreleased projects on MockRadar. Could be 8 or 9 tunes in 2 releases.

If someone asks why the track title is Berufssprachen (professional jargon), then I want to tell you about the language of the Yakuza. Did you ever recognize the extreme rolling of 'R’s and not lolling. -_-/>/>
I took some samples from the movie Brother with Takeshi Kitano. Some rollinge 'R’s can be heard clearly.

I like the intro much. Very atmospheric.
Aphex Twin style is the best comment I can contribute with. It’s not really me the music style. Too bad, cause one can hear you’ve made great efforts in making this tune.
Keep sharing :)

Thank you, thank you. :)