2 tracks on myspace

you may have heard j184 already but i don’t think i ever mentioned that choppy melodic line is made out of elliott smith…and i miss him. XO gets me everytime :)

j184 is my favorite of the two. I dig the atmospheric breakbeat elements. a nice little trip it is. why not make it available to download @ myspace??

Nice. Btrfly works like a prelude to j184, and not just two random tracks in sequence.

How so?

like how did i do it? granular synthesis :)

I’m actually preferring Btrfly - this is some quality work which reminds me of Autechre’s ‘Granz Graf’ - shame it isn’t longer but I’m guessing that was a lot of work anyway!
J184 is a nice peaceful tune which has already grown on me after the 2nd listen, well structured & mixed, flows nicely :)