KX drivers

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me how to install the KX drivers.

I have tried it several times but nothing happens.

There is no mixer, and i cant select another driver.

There are two types of setup maybe i am doing something wrong there.

I have copied the debug libaries in my windows system directory.

I use windows 98


Jeroen B)

Doesn’t anyone use the KX drivers??? B)

Using 98, huh?
As I found out the hard way, the KX drivers only work on w98 SE and later versions. Maybe you have the previous edition of the OS?

i use kx on winXP
it work.

Yeah, that’s what I meant by later versions B)
I think it has to do with WDM driver compatibility, and 95 and 98 (1st ed) don’t work (in some way that someone more competent might explain better) :)
There is more information at the KX project site.
But perhaps the original poster already IS using w98 SE and the problem lies somewhere else?