kytdkut - A false memory

Hi there. This is the first track I’ve ever posted here, hope you like it. I’d appreciate any feedback. I know it’s far from perfect (mixing/mastering-wise) but I think I’ve accomplished my goal: to get this sound.

Oh, btw, this is my second finished track on Renoise. First one is posted on my Soundcloud page too.


PS: I’d like to tag it, but I’ve got no idea on wich tags to choose. Suggestions welcome!

waking up slowly, zippin my morning coffee, opened the balcony, sun is shining, your song playing, feels good. :)

perhaps it’s a nice idea to make some instruments detuned a little, the pad sound in the parts where are no drums (4:35) could be bit louder

Detuning the pads a bit would be a great addition though. Thanks phuture, glad you liked it (:

relaxing track :walkman: , I liked it! keep it up.

Thanks keiss, happy you enjoyed it