Lack Of Features

Hi there,
though I’ve bought Renoise one year ago, I’m starting using it in these days.
I love the way I can construct songs and musical ideas, but there’s something lacking. I was wondering if there are some features that are missing in the program or it is just a problem of my inexperience.

At the moment that is what I really miss:
A - The possibility to offset and automate the envelopes of the instruments during the song especially filter cutoff and resonance.
B - No side chain? How to use my Orange Vocoder between 2 tracks? or side-chaining a compressor, or anything else…
C - How to create dependencies between velocity and instrumet’s settings like pitch (the higher the velocity, the higher the pitch), filter cutoff and resonace (the lower the velocity the lower the cutoff freq or vice-versa)… and so on…
D - A round robin function in the sampler.
E - The ability to automatically fill a pattern with all the slice of a loop (for ex. Recycle exports the slices AND the relative midi file).
F - Only 3 db of pre-gain- post gain?

That’s all… For the moment.

Thank you very much for any suggestions or advice!


A) The 0EXX pattern command offsets the envelope of an instrument.
B) While there is only one audio input per DSP it is quite easy to do both Vocoding and Sidechain compression. You can use a signal follower as control for your compressor to make it sidechained. Many Vocoders are be able to vocode the left channel with the right channel, if yours can to this just have a group with two tracks in it, one panned right for signal and one panned left for carrier (maybe the other way around). There are several quality freeware vocoders that can do this if your’s can’t.
C) Cutoff and Resonance parameters have a velocity follower, go to the enelope settings of the instrument, click on LFO and enable the Follower parameter. It’s not available for pitch though.
D) I am not familiar with this.
E) As far as I know there is a tool for this, but I don’t use it. Try to look here:
F) Try using a Gainer dsp.

I hope that helps a little. Keep on tracking!

There has been discussions about picking a random (velocity) layer for the key being pressed, you could then layer multiple samples for the same key and one random would then be played for the key-press. Although you can already create paralelle layers, visualising parallel layers properly is one problem though.
The other thing is the limitation of 256 samples: these slots are filled up quite easily this way in the current state.

Thank you for your quick answers!
So… If my understanding is correct:

A) it is possible to offset the envelope in time, but not in level without using a dsp (a filter for ex.) outside of an instruments (wich sometimes is not the case, because I want to to raise up or down the cutoff via automation before the envelope…)

B) unfortunately, my Orange Vocoder doesn’t works that way (left channel as carrier, right channel as modulator). I know that some nice vocoder (mda for ex.) works fine that way, but there is no way to make it sounds even close to the Orange… what a pity!
Well… when I’ll need it I can use it via rewire…
The trick of the signal follower sounds good to me even if is not exactly the same… (for ex. I can’t use a compressor of choice or a multiband dynamic processor like the waves C6 to do some nice gating fx…)

C) great!!! Am I blindfolded? :slight_smile:


E) I’ll try!!!

F) same as C)…

I feel that what I miss is:

  1. a modulation matrix in the instrument with at least 4 slot for controlling dynamically some instrument’s parameters ( for ex. velocity affects in some way the speed of the lfo or the attack time of the filter, and so on) and a direct access to all the instrument’s parameters via automation. (why they didn’t? is a little bit strange because any commercial or free sampler or synth on the planet has one…)

  2. a side chain… The trick of the signal follower works fine only for compressing or gating…

OK… I’ll get used to… (last night a rewire saved my life… :slight_smile: )

Thank you again!


Thank you!

Seems to be a little bit tricky, but… Problem solving is part of the job… Right?


Hydra for multiple access of various things via one parameter.

For automating an instrument use the meta Instr Automation device and there you go.

TBH, while there isn’t a sidechain and I too would desperately want one. I tend to find with renoise that you can build pretty much whatever you want to do whatever you want.
You want the volume of the bassdrum to automate the speed of the LFO on a synth on a different channel? ok?
Want a triggered on shot LFO or envelope to increase the width of the reverb on the send? sure
Find a missing feature? has someone built a tool at you can install that does it? Probably.
Want the actual developers of the software to respond to your queries on the forum… Yes sir…

So while most of the “missing features” have been answered for you I would wager the one left is simply a “currently not implemented” feature.

Does it perhaps need Midi data?

Thank you Keef!

yeah… I read about it on the User Manual… but Instr Automation works only for VSTs or AudioUnits, not the native renoise instrument, and Hydra affects and controls only the stuff in the DSP chain, not the parameter inside the renoise sampler which is that I really need sometimes. (for ex. Hydra won’t affects the attack or decay of the filter)…

Anyway… thanks for the advice… Really appreciated!


I agree with You… and that’s why renoise intrigue me so much…

Yes, it does. But that works only if you want to use his internal synth.
But the most of time I use it to manipulate different tracks… for ex. a drum loop as carrier and some vocals as modulator and that is possible only via his side chain input which in Renoise is blind.

At the moment Rewire or Rendering in another daw and import back seems the only solution…

there’s another solution : building a 100% renoise native vocoder.

examples :

no external plugins needed

That doesn’t exactly answers my question, but I like the way for any issue probably there’s a solution or a way around out there in Renoise.
Thank you Kurtz!

To build a native vocoder via the multiband send is interesting.


There was no question in that quote, or in fact at all in your last couple of posts, to answer.

That’s true…
I think you refer to the previous questions…

Anyway… Thank you all. Much appreciated. I’m sure Renoise will be my DAW of choice in a couple of months …