Lack Of Improvements

Unregistered users give their ideas and input here all the time,
and nobody can claim that we do not listen. We use not only the polls,
but also (mainly!) this forum to get input from our users (registered or not).

With polls, like all other statistics, we need to know who we’re asking,
and that nobody is cheating for it to be any use at all.
Currently the polls haven’t been updated for quite a while,
which has several reasons. Many of the features there are in
progress or planned for one of the next major versions.
Some time later, we will again update the polls to see where our
next direction will be.

Our “master plan” do not reach very far forward (1.3-1.4), and is constanly
reevaluated. But currently we have plans for some big features with
many dependencies, which means the order we do things are important,
and that we need to focus to finish them all. This does not mean we will
not include some small fixes as well on the way!

There are limits to how many balls we can keep in the air at the same time,
and software development takes time. Once some features are started,
it would be a waste of time to not finish them before starting other stuff.
Renoise is constantly growing, and we want to be careful and keep it stable
and easy to maintain (meaning easy to update and add to the existing sourcecode).

yeh, yeh, yeh, developers are sinless perfect… :) guys, i just posted my thoughts which i think should be posted at least, no more, no less… no offence, you should not defence…

Of course. :rolleyes:

If you have any bugs to report from rc2, then tell us! That’s why we’re having these betas anyway. Currently there are no known bugs, and if we don’t know any bugs we can’t fix them…

@angela parks

you are just sad and embittered because renoise isn’t developed in the way you want (probably you are just another one wanting a total FT2-rippoff). But please do not let your bitterness vent upon us if you do not have anything more constructive to say…

For me Renoise is more stable than ever. And it has not become slower for me… on the contrary, with 2 or 3 Renoise versions I have experienced a speed-up, not huge but noticable.

once again, to make it clear:

the current releasecandidate 2 (final release will show up on monday), is a bit slower than the current public 1.26 version. we have switched back to the microsoft compiler instead of the intel compiler.

there was a problem with the floatingpoint optimizations made by the intel compiler, so the soundquality was worse.

about stability and bugs : this release will be the most stable renoise version ever. its already prooved by the beta-test programm and our own test-results.

yes, I did, but the page is gone since I am not a member of that school anymore … too bad.

Thank you very much for use again old compiler

I hope having good sound cuality again (1.261/1.26/1.25 have not been sounding at best)

I will be happy to post tomorrow that Renoise 1.27 sounds great

Best regards :)

on my comp (thunderbird 2200+, 2x512 kingston dual channel mode,
asus on nforce2) RC2 crashes in 70% of song loading operations! songs
were made with 1.26, 1.27 beta, rc1, rc2 - some of them load ok, some

Yes, PT also reported this bug and with his help its fixed now. There is no other known bug at the moment. This bug was kinda strange and happened ony with specific songs and VSTs thats why we havnt found or noticed it earlier. Nevertheless, its would be far more productive if you have told us that you also had problem with the builds instead of just saying that the last RC release sucks. Things are not so easy as they used to be without VSTs. VST`s require a hell of testing as we also have to fix or find workarounds for buggy plugs.

And I say it again : This is a beta (or RC) release. It might contain bugs and we need your help to find them. If the version doesnt work for you, dont use it !

rygar :
Sorry, mixed you up with angela parks who didnt told what exactly sucks. If the bug happens totally random to you, you can of course do nothing more than saying that it exists.

hooray I was useful :)

aww… @ taktik you got mail again, the loading works fine for me now but I encountered another ´lil issue.

It seems that the vibrato doesn´t work correctly. Also sended a testsong again.
I´m hopefully that you guys manage this ´til tomorrow :)

some time ago i figured that the vibrato effect (0fxx) only works as long as it is used on the most right effect column. is it that what you meant?

:huh: sorry didn´t understand that clear. What I understood was that you say that the vibrato is used in the effect column and not maybe also at the volume or panning column. Well this works for me to type on the right
My problem is when I activate the Pitch LFO in the Instrument Editor and also have some vibration effect typed in a track that the vibration doesn´t have an effect anymore. Otherwise when I turn off the pitch Lfo then it works fine.
I remember in FTII I was able there to use both. So I dunno if this really a bug or this time a bad undocumented feature. 30% feature 70% bug for me :)

talking about a build which taktik sended me. Can´t say if it was in earlier version!

Ohohw, checked the news, um… no release?! or I´m just damn to fast? :)