Lack Of Mac Support In The Digital Audio World

Or even better, get a dominatrix to strap you to a bed for a few months. I’m sure you’ll get lots done. :rolleyes:

Seriously, if you need to resort to permanently hindering your musical options to gain creativity, you’re probably in the wrong business in the first place. It’s one thing to impose certain limitations for a specific project, but one should define those limitations themselves… “this track will only have plugin X and Y samples”. Stating that Linux’s hindered audio support is an advantage is like saying that McDonald’s is better for you than an organic Mediterranean diet because it forces you to work harder at staying alive.

Yeah, I know. Like I said I haven’t had a real DAW since I started making music… I know there is plenty of support (Apple’s Logic Pro speaks for itself), but fewer “freebies” than Windows.

Exactly why I use a Mac

Yes, I understand that… I am very picky about what I put on my system and if I don’t think I’ll need it, I don’t download it.

Yep, leave it to the forum noob like me with 7 posts and no reputation to bring up this topic again. :)

I’m not sure the relevance of the dominatrix, but if that helps you then who am I to question it? You sound troubled… The McDonalds statement is a particularly poor allegory.

My point was that limitations do not need to be considered a problem. In my pre-linux days (5-6 years ago, maybe more) I considered piracy the norm, I had more software than I could ever use and as a consequence never really got to grips with any of it.

I may have taken a relatively extreme route, but now I have only a handful of audio software in my set-up (Linux with Renoise and all it’s internal plugins, 3 commercial vsti’s and 2 commercial vst effects. All paid for!). I understand each piece of software (relatively) well and can get a great deal from them. I embrace the minor limitations my set-up may (in your opinion) have. If i desire, I can still impose limitations within this framework to inspire me in a certain project as you suggest.

In addition, I’m certainly not “in the wrong business in the first place”. If you consider music making a “business” then I’d suggest it is you who is misguided. For me it’s the pleasure of the creative process itself that keeps me going, NOTHING else matters to me.

So in summary, my “to give your creativity the ultimate boost move from mac to linux” comment was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek (I’m sorry if anybody else took it as literally as this respondent), but I am a great supporter of linux and like to promote it’s use. My point is that (whichever OS you choose), you should not worry about what software is available, just embrace what you do have.

Not going to dignify the mac vs pc debate with a proper response. It’s infantile bullshit; the lists of positives on either end make eachother moot. It’s a matter of taste. I like the color blue. What’s your favorite color.

I’ll echo the statement that brevity of plugins isn’t necessarily important, as most of them do the same things but with different knobs. Imagine yourself building a hardware studio instead. You can’t afford a million devices; Pick out a few and learn them well. There’s plenty for the mac to keep you going for years.

Funny. about 4 years ago i was running reason on a pc too. Gave me the blue screen every few hours. finally got a macbook pro, and converted to renoise via my brother.

Let me tell you, there is no shortage of plug ins for macs. you only need a few good plug ins to do the job. You need to use google my friend. I use allot of the native plug ins from renoise, they are great! i would be looking for good synths if i were you. I got massive, and alchemy. IMO, the only two synths you need. reaktor 5 is great too.

good luck