Lackluster - Footsteps [V/a: Terraform, Kahvi Collective 2011]

someone posted this on youtube

the same track on soundcloud:

Really interesting mix of sounds to my ears. Strange yet coherent. By about half way through you had me going emotionally. I really, really need to spend some more time on your music…

Thanks MMD! Yeah, I used to have a digibox I could just sample tons of tv / radiochannels with, and a lot of the samples come from those sessions :)

That’s a good idea, I used to sample off live TV a long time ago, but now I’ve kinda become obsessed with high quality plugins and instruments. This sounds like it was fun to make.

well i still had a nanopad back then and could map a pad to start recording and stop when i let go, so ended up with heaps of samples while testing it, it’s quite powerful. wouldn’t mind still having access to tv channels, even if most of them seem to be brickwall limited (at least when it comes to commercials :) )