Lacunae - Stars Burn Out (C-Blu Remix)

Hello everyone!
Check out this remix of song by Lacunae.
It was made rather quickly and I think it kinda lacks mastering, but still I hope it’s worthy to listen to!
Feedback in the topic or on SC is appreciated.

ah that Barry White beat brings back memories, scratched of a needle with this vinyl, much to my father’s delight :) …anyway, I don’t know the original, but think your remix kind of meanders a little bit without going anywhere and is pretty short. I like the wind up child’s toy sound and beat combo, but think you can make it stronger; build up the melodic elements by muting the beat for a few measures and dropping it back in, standard buildup tips etc :) .

Yeah, that’s some nice break wit “ventral” preset of cabinet simulator. ^_^
In fact I kinda knew, that the song is too repetitive, but what to expect from a song using only 2 tracks. I just don’t know, what to add to it. It’s full of glitchy sound that kinda mute everything, and it has it own beat underneath my break. That’s why it sounds so dirty.

But maybe I’ll try to do something with it. Thanks for feedback, Jonas!