Ladspa Plugins With Multiple Inputs

Apologies if I’ve missed the obvious answer to this, I’m a relative newcomer to renoise thanks to the release of the linux version (a huge thank you for that!).

I’ve been trying out some ladspa plugins tonight. Some have multiple inputs, for example ‘sc2 (2 in 1 out)’, a compressor with a sidechain input from the swh plugins. The ‘?’ on the loaded plugin states:

Audio Input 0 -> ‘Sidechain’ (connected)
Audio Input 1 -> ‘Input’ (connected)
Audio Output 0 -> ‘Output’ (connected)

Are both inputs connected to the current track and both receiving the same signal? Is it possible to select another track as the input to one of the connections, as would be desirable for sidechaining?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide…

Might be you have to insert this plugin into a send track and then send two tracks to it panning one of them to the ultimate right and the other one to the ultimate left.
It is a guess currently, but this technique is being applied to other type of plugins that draw two input streams from one track.