Lady Gaga Remix And A Question

Hey guys, my latest Renoise creation is a recreation of Bad Romance.

And now for the question:
You can hear the some crackling at a couple points in the song. I dont know why Renoise is doing this. Perhaps its clipping of something?

That can be lots of things, plugins, click in sample.

Also your mix is set in very low freq. And lots of low frequencies layering here.

can’t listen here at work, but if simonus is right about the layered low frequencies you might want to take a look at how the song looks on the Renoise Spectrum Analyzer. if you see loads of peaks on the low side it is probably that. try muting and solo’ing different tracks to find out when your cracks disappear, so you know which track is causing the crackle. could also be automated filters or other effects doing that stuff.

very bassy/muddy, I’d suggest better eq and sidechaining everything to the kick

Dumb question: what is sidechaining?

In Renoise look for Help->Tutorial and Demo Songs -> Tutorial - Ducking (Sidechaining)

This is a perfect example of sidechaining. If you listen to some crappy electro house out there, you’ll instantly will recognize that thing on the bassline.

Alright. The sidechaining messed up the volume controlling done by the LFO, so I just put an EQ on it and cut the bass a bit and ran the track through a high pass filter during the really messed up part. I can definitely use sidechaining for my next song though which is going to be a Pendulum inspired DnB track.