Laffik - Extradimensional Intoxication (Extradimensional Ayvee)

Hello Forum!

This is another episode of contaminated extradimensional rollers. This time the structure is intro-power-break-main (orsmag). Dedicated to all folks having unexplained moodswings.



Extradimensional slayers in neighbouring point of higher dimension are dripping victims in our point. Victim is making tracks for fun. He get spiked, then carries on his business with more effort for the same effect. Victim is charged with tax for spice as it is said that due to it that he does his business.

Harmonized tritone melody and chords, Essential Percussion snare drum, Remo heads, Paiste 20" crash and 16" hihat, tambourine, maracas, Zoom H1, Roland CS-10EM binaural headphones and Eltax Concept 180 speakers for binaural reproduction of mono sounds, FLStudio, Renoise, Massive, Absynth, FM8, Reaktor, Sytrus, Glue Reeds, Boo Bass, Maximus, FL Wave Shaper, FL Convolver, Patcher, tons of FLStudio Parametric Equalizers, 3xOSC, vinyl noise, AAS String Studio, AMOS Pro SAY command and sound generating routines for laser sounds, Sendrella, Glace Verb, Ozone. 64 of 64 unique patterns. Sequenced in Renoise, sound design, cepstrum and mastering in FLStudio.