Laptop Audio

hey there
im really looking into getting a pcmcia laptop audio card.
my main reason is that i use 3 instances of the same vsti ALOT in my tunes the vsti is only 14 mbs but using it the way i am certainly eats up my processor it seems
so what happens is i get alot of horrible sounding crap sometimes
its strange tho cuz some nights it sounds great an sometimes it just really gets me mad…
so i am thinkin if i got a better audio card i might be able to get a latency that i can live with when im using this vsti and im also thinkin over all renoise may run better using a semi professional if not professional audio card
because what im using now is the one thats iinside the laptop

here is my specs:

IBM ThinkPad T23 26474MU
Intel Pentium III-M 1.13 GHz
1 GIG (SDRAM) ram speed 133 MHz
Bus Speed 133 MHz
L2 512 KB
Microsoft Windows XP Pro & debian on the 2nd partition

so what i would like to do is be able to get renoise running best as possible and also be able to use alsa drivers with jackd for sc3 in linux…
any suggestions?

What is sc3?

Anyway, on board sound chipsets of laptops generally suck. So it’s a good choice to get a PCMCIA soundcard. I’d recommend the Echo Indigo series, however I do not know if they have (good) ALSA drivers. Check it on the ALSA site.

yeah, the echo indigo is really good from what I hear.

I’m pleasantly surprised with the thinkpad’s internal laptop sound, surprisingly. My last laptop, a dell, had the noisiest, WORST internal sound.

SC3 is supercollider, I assume?

And are you running renoise on linux? I assume you’re not, but if you are …


Well i installed RC1 and went an got the Echo Indigo io.
i have seen a decent bit of a performance boost but not much at all on my tunes with this dern vsti (i almost wish this vsti wasnt so dope) it actually is making the screen lockup on the tunes with the 3 instances now which is pretty strange… i wish they were made to be able to send out more then 1 sound per instance, i also wish i didnt have to always do things i cant… might have to bite the bullet and just render the dern thing to wav <_<

but my latency is now between 3-5
i have noticed the added resolution and higher quality of the bitrate using 24/96
so im thinkin i will probably keep it. i still need to go and get the updated drivers so maybe i’ll be able to add something more to the good side of getting this card


good news! it is working proper in renoise now with this bloated hog of a vsti.
it seems like its just able enuff to work right and sound really good so as long as i dont push it much further it looks like it will work out. :D
now on to making sure i can get sc3 going in linux w/ it.