Laptop Blues

OK, I started a thread on somthing like this a while ago, if its been done since- sorry.
I do not own a desktop cpu (always traveling), so when i came to the point in my tracking life of fx param, sample offset etc, I was dumbfounded when everyone was like “just press 09xx”- of course, i was just pressing 09xx but mylaptop does not have a numberpad, so pressing the numbers just used outher shortcuts.
Then I got a usb keyboard, but alas the same ill fate lay before me.
So I emailed Renoise, and the kind chap explained why it does not work. He also said that it may be fixed in the future :)
So here I am. I cannot use sample offset or fx param etc, this is kiling me as you would expect!
I have to look to outher software to achive the sound i want to create, this is a real shame, never mind a pain in th ass!
So any ideas, news or plans for this feature to be added?
Anyone else had the same problem?

(p.s renoise in computer music-with demo! :yeah: !)

I use my laptop with Renoise 95% of the time. I don’t have this problem…
I’d like to have a number pad for muting/unmuting tracks tho…
I use 09xx sample offset ALLOT.
please explain…

Or just get a usb numberpad like me…

dude, you can use the digits above your letters to insert fx
parameters or at least that always worked for me …

I can only imagine the trackerhell with no 1xx 2xx 9xx shriek!

Or maybe he did… :)