Large template - Instrument cap?

I’m in the process of setting up a massive template in renoise.
Does anyone know what is going to happen when I get to instrument FF? is that an absolute limit?

Edit -

Yes, it’s an absolute limit


Only 255 instruments supported.

Well thats ‘pissed on my chips’ as they say.

Devs, could this limit be lifted?

256 :P

128 wasn’t enough.
256 isn’t enough.
Yes, we need more instrument slots.

How would you address them in the pattern editor? the instrument column still only supports Hex figures.
How much would be 00-zz? Perhaps we could also use symbols? (Would that be more confusing, now we also have to look up the ascii value of a symbol in tables, perhaps even the UTF-8/16 variant :P)

By using more letters. The Hex structure seems quite arbitrary in this case. It should be easy to change the behaviour, I would assume.


Nah, I think 1296 is enough.

No, seriously. Why not double the number of instruments using more letters? I don’t think this is a crazy request. Of course it would be quite another thing to request an introduction of a new sign system (like symbols).