Last Couple Of Noob Questions Before I Register

hello all. i was just going to register when i found out you could actually save songs with the demo.

i’v been using renoise 1.5.2 demo for about 2 months and i still cant figure out how to save a song. i make a new song, go in the “song” bit of the disk browser, select a file, and the “save” icon never lights up. this is very frustrating. i’ve been guetting round this problem by erasing material in the tutorial songs and “saving changes”… what am i not doing properly ? i’ve tried so many times…

and an other thing, once u register and you/somebody/something sends me the userpassword/license number, what do i do with it ? is there somewhere to type it in ? i cant find the place. i’m worried sick about spending 70euros (i’m the broke musician type) and it not working.

thanks for your patience :wacko:

  1. You’ll need to type in a filename in the textbox next to the save button. ;)

  2. Once registered you can download a watermarked copy from the backstage area, no need to type in a serial.

  1. !!! it works !!! cheers !!!

  2. oh right. thanks !

ok well i’ll probably see u round the forums… stops worrying - phew !

you made my day !