Renoise Users Group

With a good amount of delay, I’ve asked myself only now if there was a Renoise group on and indeed there is!


I’m there, dude.

to all,

if you are a Renoise artist with an artist page on, please send a private message to uporo and he will add you to the connected artists

What is the benefit?

a ridicolously higher exposure :)

well, I’ve seen that uporo has added me as a connection, so I don’t want to be the only one :)

Are you selling records to the right people?

Ive hardly used my last fm page so far due to my online computer being a laptop… ill pop some headphones on and finaly hear what you all sound like :)

Top tracks this week are amusing.

I’m in now :)

what do you think about exchanging tags on our artist pages?

tagging an artist gives him more exposure and allows users to find his music more easily and more accurately, for example when using tag radios, or when looking for similar atists.

It would be a good idea then if all of us tag each other.
my artist page

I would like to be tagged as:
progressive rock, imisound, italian streamable, contemporary classical, jamendo, creative commons

Done! Try my song “Serenity” on, maybe something for you. :)

thanks for tagging! but, hey, this is an exchange! Which are the tags which I should set for you?

will check your song as soon as I come back home; if it hasn’t got the breakbeats, which are the only things I don’t like in your song, you will make me happy :)

Just use the stuff already there or what you feel is appropriate, and no fear… not a single drum hit in that one, i still remember your BB5 comment. ;)

I wonder why i have this name vote thing on my music page.

ok, done then!

the voting thing is there because they are probably trying to fuse mispelled artist pages into the proper ones. Looks like mine is one of the few artist pages not having that, which is kind of strange, since “Alien” can be found on thousands contexts.

no drums in your new song? looks promising :P

Thanks! The song is actually not new, but only available as stream or on CD atm. :)

since finally has fixed a bug which was preventing me from adding artist connections to the group, if anyone has an artist page on and wants to be connected to “Renoise users” group, please send me a private message here or on

Ok got over my snobbishness: