Latency In The Old Trackers?

…was there any?

I’m trying to configure my setup as close as possible to resemble the FT2 environment…

Was there any latency involved when we composed using the FT (PC) or Protrackers (ATARI etc.) ?

Any info on this would be really appreciated :guitar:

that’s something i also wondered about quite a while ago.
i also did some research concerning that but couldn’t find any info… as far as my perception is concerned, there was really very little to no latency at all.
hmm… but seeing you’re running at a 1ms latency, i guess you cannot improve a lot anymore… lol 1ms ?! ;)

I know for a fact that the more loaded your CPU was the slower the response from FT2. I remember doing an upgrade around 2001 and loving how much tighter it became.

Yeah I remember no latency either… but now coming to think of it I didn’t use to play any chords live… so it might have been possibly something like 2-5 ms at best…

Hmm… seems like its time to test this on my mothers old compaq. =)=)=)

will post results when I’ve managed to get the old setup up and running with FT2…

there was no latency because everything was hardware based. no buffers… ah, lovely times =)