latency (midi+audio)


I am very fresh to Renoise, just downloaded the demo version a copule of weeks ago. I like it so much so that I am considering buying the real one, but I have latency problems which might actually stop me using Renoise in the future. I tried to look for older topics, and I found very similar, but not exactly my problem / my hardware / etc, so please forgive me to start a new topic about it.

I am using Dell Inspiron 3721 notebook (i5 proc., 8GB RAM, SSD drive) with windows 7 (64)bit) installed. The applied sound hardwares:

  • Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 soundcard, attached with USB2.0
  • Novation X-Station as a midi keyboard (also this machine can be used as a soundcard) attached with USB2.0

My problem is that when I hit a key on Novation X-Station keyboard, the selected instrument starts playing with an annoyingly big latency, which kills everything, and makes impossible to create music. I don’t know how to measure the latency, but in my estimation it might be about 1/7 second. It is so big that I cannot believe that people make software like this, so I can think that I set up somenthing wrong. Please help!

My Renoise setup (I don’t know how can I include here screen snapshot, so:
4322 reoise_preferences.GIF

Audio tab:
Device type: direct sound
In Device: X-Station line in
Out device: Scarlett 6i6 line out
Sample rate: 44.100
Latency: 5 ms (some reason Renoise doesn’t allow set less than 5 ms… why???)

Use hardware buffers: yes
Dithering: yes

Multi core support:

Midi tab:
In Device A: Scarlett 6i6 USB
IN Device B: XStation

Midi clock master:
out device: Xstation
Offset: 0 ms

Midi clock slave:
In device: none
Offset 0 ms

PLease help and please tell that it is only a setup isssue! :)



Set Device Type to ASIO.

Thanks, uhm, it says, not available in the demo version. :)
But if it really helps… :)

It really helps. ASIO is like a magical latency slaying warrior.

It doesn’t just help, it’s the solution to your problem. Your professional audio card should have native ASIO drivers with it, and those are specifically designed for low-latency operation. Any music software will have latency problems if you aren’t running on ASIO.