latency/Plugin Delay Compensation "bloat"

Plugin Delay Compensationis calculated for all plugins even those turned off for the entire song, likely because they have to be in sync if turned on at some point during play… but…

… I’m sure many of us have plugins turned off in a template song that just adds unnecessary latency if left unused or have a master chain in a Doofer that you turn on and off for when rendering the song, I just realize after building a new PC that these plugins in my master chain add a lot of latency which prevent the butter smooth low latency jamming when loading the template.

For now I guess I’ll save the master chain and load it when needed, but I like to turn it on and off a lot during composing so this is kind of a big thing :confused:

What are you guys doing? Can we figure out a better way to make it work more fluidly?

Actually saving the master chain in a doofer that you then Favorite makes it easy to kinda switch on and off by simplyloading or deleting the chain.

I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out, I thought it was my laptop that was utterly slow.

edit: My master chain alone added 160ms mostly caused by Fabfilter L-2 settings, its modern style setting is a sin.