Latency Vs. Heavy Plugins

The way renoise works now, the overall latency increases when we add “heavy” plugins (plugs that introduce delay), and this also affects playing notes via a MIDI keyboard.
Of course PDC keeps internal timing in renoise intact, but is there ANY chance, either through a future renoise release or some kind of workaround, to “bypass” this delay for MIDI input gear, such as a midi keyboard? or is that logically impossible?

I was jamming yesterday with a mate who plays bass, and then it struck me how annoying this is. we wanted to use a certain plug for his bass sound (which needs PDC), but couldn’t because that screwed up the latency for my drums and keyboards on the other tracks… I dunno, with all this fancy gear, a brand new computer, top notch software, it just feels so lame to still struggle with latency issues…

There is currently no way around this in the digital domain.

Renoise has the best PDC of every DAW I’ve ever tested, even better than Cubase in my opinion…but I don’t think what you’re asking is currently possible.

The broad non-answer is to recreate the sound with analog/alternate hardware or lighter and lesser effects. I guess there will always be “studio magic” effects that won’t work live.

You should check if there is “Use static processing buffers” ticked in plugin options and try what happens when you disable this. Static processing buffers cause latency, but disabling them might cause other issues.

If that’s not the case then plugins are either badly programmed or optimized to work better with latency. Saying there is no way to do this currently is sort of false - correct answer is there will never be way for some things to work without latency.

If it’s not about static buffers or optimization then the plugins need latency and no matter how much processing power or amazing technology we have there is no way to get all plugins latency free without time travel technology, since latency gives plugins possibility to “see the future”

offline-rendering or jamming + recording with these cpu heavy fx(EDIT: and edit it in a external editor with waveform visualization, for example).

As computers get faster, latency will decrease.

You could run at 96khz instead of 44khz if your computer can handle it. 2x cpu load; .5 x latency.

thanks for your input guys.

yup, guess it’s just one of those things we have to live with a little longer.
I tried swithcing on/off static processing, but that didn’t change anything for the plugs in question.

BUT - one more thing… when you uncheck/disable a plugin in renoise that causes delay, the delay remains,
so I have to actually delete/remove the plugin from the project. That doesnt seem right. Let’s say you are finishing up a project, and you have effect plugins all over the place, maybe even some mastering plugins - and you decide you want to do a re-take of piano solo. For that you would need to remove all heavy plugs completely, save as dsps, and then reload into renoise when done playing. Quite a hassle! Couldn’t this bevahiour be avoided, setting all disabled plugins to be 100% transparent?

The reason for this is because you might actually be automating those plugins during your song, to turn them on and off whenever you need them. Because of this, we must always apply the PDC for the whole song, even when the devices/plugins are disabled, otherwise the audio would be jumping around a lot and would sound like a glitchy mess.

This problem is a hudge gap in this daw. If you have just one heavy plugin in project you wont be able to play or record midi.

For some composers its broblem number 1.

I have tried change rerouting turn of pdc (it helps but ruins all instruments timings and it still unable to play midi).

To resolve this problem bust be some kind routing directly to soundcard ignoring all other project stuf. Let the project plays in latency except this instrument or track that routed directly to sound card.

Right now i use bidule to overcome this problem bidule can route directly to sound card ignoring renoise pipeline…