Latest WIP list corrections ??

The latest WIP list as of March 16 may need some corrections.

  1. VSTi Multitimbrality: Sentence should be:
    “This will allow a single instance of a VSTi to send its audio to several tracks ON DIFFERENT CHANNELS.”
    To make sure we are not confusing this with VSTi polyphony on different tracks.
  2. DX Plugins should be DX-2 plugins.

And, could you please consider adding voting for:
MIDICCFXDevice which allows automating VST FX via MIDI CC and allows user to send a MIDI note via device as a MIDI note command on the track.

thanks, have done this right now.

Thanks TakTik - Hope users will vote for the MIDICCFxDevice :D I still can not use SyncModular VST FX because of lack of this :)

Also, you created a new VSTi Multitimbrality on the WIP list with the corrected sentence. I do not know if you did that by mistake. Since the VSTi Multitimbrality is already on the list.

hard times for taktik are coming :D

most of the very hard stuff is filled of “oh pleeease please do it” votes :lol: