Latitude Redux Hd Video!


Video by D-Fuse.
Sound by Ryan McAllister.

That was a cool experience. It reminds me of a tv-show which used to show all these different clips and short films from all around the world.

This is a very nice vid!

very glitchy and crunchy)) nice!

nice split-screening and audio-visualization / sync.
good job on the SFX - liked it!

awesome boys, thanks for the nice responses.

I like most the midpart. The beginning and ending is too long too much sound chaos so that it appears a bit exaggerated.
The video is cool, exept the ending is not in that synch.

Fair enough, I too liked the middle the most. I loved the lush, warm, synth pad and the off time/off tune melody that I came up with it. Thanks for listening/watching.

wow, supercool!

Video looks a bit Quentin Tarantino inspired. Music fits nice but is a bit too experimental i think. Would’ve been nice to hear that nice synth athmo thing developing with some subtle beats after the intro.

Good stuff.
You make some really nice sounds.

Just out of interest, did you take the video and add your own music to it or was it a bit more official?

Thanks, I indeed got the video off of D-Fuse’s site and ripped the audio out and re-did it myself. It was in no way official, just something I was working on for a class at school that I thought I’d share on here.