hy everybody

i’m new on this forum, i use renoise since 8 month and i would like to know who use a launchpad…how do you use it?, which one do you think is good to use with renoise…
i saw different video on youtube but not so much…

there is the Novation Launchpad and launch control
livid but more expensive hitori tori use one
Keith McMillen QuNeo
Arturia beat step

what do you think about those 4

hope some one can help me

Hi Ketumatek

I use the launchpad mini with Cie’s Lauificht. I couldn’t be happier. Check out his/her free version to see if it works for you.

thank i don t have any launchpad yet i just want to know if it s nice and usefull…but i like the Quneo i think very design and a lot af possibility…

i would like to know how do you use it ?

@lowkey: thank you, this is very nice :)

I am also using the Launchpad, and have the classic Launchpad and the Launchpad Mini. I would definately recommend the Launchpad Mini.
To show the differences of the Launchpads compared to the Launchpad classic:

Launchpad S:

  • faster Midi implementation
  • brighter lights
  • about 170 eur

Launchpad Mini:

  • faster Midi implementation
  • brighter lights
  • smaller than classic and S
  • comes with stickers instead of imprint of buttons
  • about 100 Eur

I am using the Launchpads classic and Mini for years, and they are robust and never failed to work.

Do you have video of how you use it or the music you make?
because i would like to know the possibility of a launchpad and if it s nice to use it and what can it is possible to do with this…

Yes there are some videos in youtube:
Step Sequencer Lauflicht
Live Dive
Duplex + Launchpad (by danoise)

There are also some threads in the forum on each of the tools to get more information (also have a look at the links in the video texts).