Layered Projects

Probably there was such idea, but just in case i make this topic. Sry for being some nerd idea spammer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Dont have anything to lose, reputation maybe, but wait! I dont have any haha :P

You know photoshop gimp and other graphic apps.

All got layers. This is idea for future, some day…lots of problems to solve :)

How i see this? You know my rewire renoise to renoise strange dreams? Why rewire? When you have instance in instance option.

Layer will be like seperate project can play alone or with party, and could be muted, copy over arranger.

Layer 1 beat

Layer 2 melody

Layer 3 voices

And you can save it and use it separately

or save it as whole project.

Layers may work with same LPB/tempo or its own. Or some may put in arranger layer1 -> layer2 -> layer3… easy to make sets in reanoise? Why not? It would be 5 min work with layers.

Or you can merge layer. Say we got kick on 00 inst and on 00 track in layer 1 and in layer 2 we got bass at same 00 and 00 track when merged down bass would take automatic track 01 and inst 01.

Or another example theres a nice tut Cross-Track Routing by Beatslaughter (thanks for that btw and others nice tuts in help cuz i learn alot from it :) )

I want to check how nice wobbly will sound with my project, instead copy/paste all effects dps and making it to sound simlar…I just add new layer.

In layer i open cross track routing tutorial.xrns, and thats it. I just test how it sounds, if i dont like it i just delete it. Time saving.

I think its future for renoise.