Laying Samples Out On The Keyboard

Is there any way I could take a sample from a song, and lay it out on the keyboard so different keys activate different parts of the sample?

If you don’t understand…

If you’ve used Fruity Loops 5 before, you can stretch a sample out on the piano roll, and if you hit a certain key, it would trigger a certain part of the sample. It made it a lot easier to chop, and create your own patterns.

I am really hoping there is a feature in Renoise that allows you to do that.


The closest thing you can do is do the chopping manually, and assign the seperate prechopped samples to different keys.

I know, I know…that sucks.

09xx is your friend.

Oh well. Thanks for the help.

this is not possible, its been talked about before tho. i dunno if your new or not or know this already but, the closeest thing to doing what you would want to do atm, is to use offset pointers. Conner_Bw wrote a good article/tutorial on how to do this.…f82d93a52ef501b
heres basically the same thing only my version i guess :D
you wont be making any maps but this is the most common way of achieving what you request.
basically, each sample you have in the sample bank is already mapped from 01 to FF.
that means that there are 256 locations inside that sample all spaced equally, that you can tell the pattern editor where you want to start. (and end)
so for example you have a break that consists of a hrdkik kik hhat snare hhat snare hhatshuffle hrdkik hhat snare.
you can rearrange it by giving commands on the effects column.
so each of those different drums/places in the sample have a corresponding numeric value/location.
0900 = hrdkik
090A = kik
0915 = hhat
0933 = snare
095A = hhat
0971 = hsnare
0991 = hhatshuffle
09A8 = hrdkik
09C3 = hhat
09F5 = hsnare

so then you can completely rearrange the break/sample however you wish, for example something like this:
0900 0900 0900, 0933 0971, 095A 0991 095A, 09A8 09F5
that would sound like this: hrdkik hrdkik hrdkik, snare hsnare, hhat hhatshuffle hhat, hrdkik hsnare
(depending what speed and bpm you use will determine how far apart you should space between the lines. also the lower the speed the more lines you can use in a pattern) :D

it even gets better too, you can do ill jungle/speed garage timestretches using the above method.
in addition to it is you need to use an end value, theres nuff documentation and forum threads about how to do this too.

just a note: this is planned to change in a future release

I just use the 09xx commands, but it could still be useful for hammering out an idea in real time (with beats), to be able to tell a sample where to start on a given key.
I wonder if that might be risking over-complexity though.

do you know anything more on this?
like i mean would this mean that while recording note input it would fill in the offset values?

no no, I was referring to multilayering, i.e. the ability to set more than one sample per note on an instrument, basing on velocity level ranges.

I think whether or not it’s a matter of complexity is based on it’s implementation.

Here is an example.

Lets say for example it’s established within the sample editor section. Perhaps a certain mapping button.

You could range the part of the sample that you want to trigger and have a means to then map it to a certain key value by manually entering the note and or pressing it on your midi keyboard.

Now continue to the next part of the sample you want triggerred, map, etc.

It sounds very easy in terms of the mapping.

I am certain it’s much more difficult on the programming end.

I find it very easy to slice the sample up as others have said. Then if I want to play in realtime, providing it’s not like 10+ samples or so I just use my numeric keypad with one hand and trigger the samples with the other.

That allows me sufficient freedom to play samples quickly when trying to determine what would sound best in terms of sample playback order.

Don’t forget the master’s mail request about promises…