"learn Midi"-is Function For The Automation Device

Ok, if this is already possible or there is allready a thread demanding it, feel free to delete this thread.

The following:

let’s say i have a vst synth which has like 10000 parameters (ok, a lil exaggerated…) which can actually be automated. but they all have names like “pjfzf123”, “zpfuti12354”, “zuiae021394” meaning: names that are cryptical in the sense that you can’t guess what parameter they stand for in the instrument. if you now want to automate a certain parameter you’ll have to search pretty much, try out a lot and waste much time…

BUT, wouldn’t it be gr8 if the automation device had some sort of “midi learn” thingy? like i choose “midi learn” in the automation device, then i go tweak the parameter in the instrument i wanna automate and then the automation device automatically does the right routing. is this understandable?

or is this even allready possible? if yes, plz somebody tell me how.

well, the only real problem i could see with this feature is that the automation device would have to distinguish between parameters being tweaked by the user and parameters being tweaked by the instrument itself (like through lfos or sumthing). perhaps click with mousewheel on the parameter makes it routed to the automation device slot where it says: “auto route”? dunno, something in that fashion…

so, what do you all think of this idea?

If you automate a VSTI using the automation device, parameter sliders in the automation device should change along with the button that you tweak in the VSTI gui if you have that particular parameter assigned to a slider ofcourse.

I can understand you would like the automate device probably auto-select a parameter for the first available slider that is tweaked in the VSTI GUI so you don’t have to figure out which parameter you are exactly fumbling with.

So what you actually want is a learn-function that detects which parameter is tweaked inside the VSTI GUI and assign it to a slider a bit like how midi mapping is done right?


to add to this, mapping multiple controls to single midi knob/modulation control. ;)


alternatively: could someone help me with finding the name of the parameter controlling the filter 2 cutoff in the mixing stage “e” of the audjoo helix plugin? … :expressionless:

(just to show that there are valid examples out there that would benefit from this feature being implemented…)

edit: alternatively to the original idea: if one could search not only for the parameter names, but also for their respective values, it would make automation life MUCH easier… one could set the searched parameter to a certain value (in the vsti gui) and then identify it by this value (in the automation device)…

edit2: oooooook, found it (finally ._.): the filter 2 cutoff in the mixing stage “e” of the audjoo helix plugin was called “F2F” meaning (i spose) filter 2 (cutoff) frequency, well. ok, but my point remains valid D: (i hope…)