Leaving Orbit

Well i got bussy this weekend…it is before salary,so time is on my side :)

I made new track,Leaving Orbit.It is again trance tune 130 bpm this time.

Any comments welcomed,apreciated.

Godspeed :walkman:

…aaaand the link


Hint: if you want downloads, don’t use hard to navigate sharing sites … check out the pinned “song hosting that doesn’t suck” thread at the top of the songs forum for decent sites ;)

… good sounding production… not sure it was worth 6 minutes though ;)

Tip: Use buildups and breakdowns

Well thanx…i added some touches to song to make its 6 minutes easier to flow…

And bout your advice…which site you will recommend me?

Any of the ones in the top post of that thread :)

Final touches added…now it is done… :drummer: