Left-click Scopes Not Linked To Sends As R-click

Firstly thanks for the add-on in RC1 that right-clicking scopes now makes the associated sends unmuted also. Should this not happen with left-clicking aswell though?

i.e. If you have all tracks muted and leftclick to unmute one, the associated send track unmutes also. (this does not happen at the moment)

Please remove to ideas and suggestions if it belongs there, just seemed like an inconsistancy in a new feature though, therefore a bug?

Why havent you simply posted this directly into ideas and suggestions then?

Anyway: No, it should not, because if you have two tracks which both do feed a sendtrack and mute the first, you dont want the sendtrack to be muted because its still used by the other track.

As I said I wasn`t sure if it was a bug, and thought you may want to see it here if so, anyway will know for similar situations in the future.

Ok, see the reasoning, but could it not be so that only the last one muted would mute the send also?
No big deal to change for me, as I say thought it was/could be a bug.